General Management

Architect Univ.Prof. Dipl.Ing. Dr.techn. MANFRED WEHDORN (CEO)
Mag. Armine WEHDORN (Procura)
Architect Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Jessica WEHDORN (Associate)

On the basis of the person of the managing architect, Wehdorn Architekten today enjoys an international reputation as a firm specialising in questions of monument conservation and the restoration of old build-ings in the broader sense.

The firm’s size and high level of technical equipment has in the course of time led to it being involved in increasingly large projects, of which special mention should be made of the restoration of the Neugebäude Renaissance building, the restoration and an adaptation of the Palais Harrach, the restora-tion and reconstruction of the Redoutensaal wing, the building in the Kesselhaushof in the Vienna Hofburg, the restoration and adaptation of the ground floor area of Schönbrunn Palace, the renovation and restoration of the Dr Karl Lueger Church and the Museum Quarter in the former Court Stables, the adaptation and revitalisation of Hof Palace, the reconstruction and adaptation of the old Palm House for the purposes of the Schönbrunn Zoo, the restoration and adaptation of the Liechtenstein City Palace and the restoration and adaptation of Wolkersdorf Palace as well as the restoration of the famous Otto-Wagner-Hofpavillion in Hietzing. Ongoing projects are the building of student’s accommodations in Dres-dner Straße 107, Hotel Project “Trautmannsdorf Palace” and the “Revitalization of Auersperg Palace for healthcare and event centre” as well as the reconstruction and extension of the Palace Promenade 15 in Linz; finished in April 2016: EU-Project „cultural and economic development of the historic town Sinop in Turkey“. In this respect, the firm is also regarded as a specialist for monument conservation problem cases and for cases in which a particularly rapid settlement of the project is regarded as essential.

Corporate strategy and principles

Above-average quality and extraordinary professionalism are the essential preconditions if a firm is to stand out from the mass of competitors and survive in the long term. With this in mind, our aim is to satisfy our clients through the quality of our planning and management services.

The demands that we make of quality in processing a project are:

  • architectural quality
  • functionality
  • cost and deadline reliability
  • satisfaction of the commercial conditions
  • optimum representation and support for our client,

so that the project can ultimately be implemented in the way that the client wishes.

Our logistics team draws up computer-assisted statistics that supply comparative indicators for the course of the project.

Our quality policy principles are known to all staff.
The uniform and clear system of the quality policy is intended to promote staff motivation. Exact implemen-tation helps to avoid errors or to document their course. Preventive and corrective measures serve to min-imise faults and constitute guidelines.

The internal organisational objectives relevant for cost settlement are defined by the company manage-ment and constitute a measurement instrument for the effectiveness of the system.

Our clients and our scope of performance

Our clients are public corporations (the federal state, the provinces, the church), institutes and private undertakings.

Our activities comprise all the services of a general planner and architect, in particular:

  • Preliminary draft
  • Draft
  • Submission
  • Costing
  • Execution and detailed planning
  • Artistic supervision
  • Technical supervision
  • Business supervision
  • Local site supervision
  • Planning and site coordination
  • Project control

The firm can boast particular experience and achievements in the following fields:

  • Restoration, adaptation and conservation of listed buildings,
  • Restoration of old buildings in the broadest sense,
  • Urban development studies including reclassification proceedings
  • Feasibility studies,
  • General planning services with qualified consultants,
  • Inspection engineer activities/accompanying control,
  • Technical and scientific expert opinions,
  • Valuations.

We regard compliance with conservatory, design and technical requirements, economic supervision and well functioning site supervision as binding principles.

In the implementation of a project, the following criteria are decisive:

  • Architectural quality – where necessary in dialogue with the building substance of the monument to be preserved, while ensuring the necessary functionality.
  • Finding solutions through creativity and innovation.
  • Exemplary commitment on the part of our staff.
  • Economy and adherence to schedules in project management.
  • Painstaking down to the smallest detail.
  • Compliance with the social and ecological conditions, taking into account the statutory and tech-nical requirements.
  • Our fee is calculated on the basis that we have to make a profit to secure jobs and to maintain a financial reserve for training, further training and participation in expert proceedings or competitions.
  • Thanks to our experience and coordination activity, particularly in the field of public subsidies and grants, we save our clients costs that can be much higher than our fee.
  • The subcontractor/planner is part of our team. His services must satisfy our standards as laid down in our quality management, and are assessed by us in writing and recorded in a company file. Failure to satisfy means that the company will be suspended from further contracts for one year. The management decides each year on the basis of the company file about maintaining or lifting the suspension.
  • We see ourselves as a service undertaking for our clients.